How to Fix QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working Error? [Solved]

When using QuickBooks, one of the most important features of this comprehensive application is its backup capabilities. As you are probably aware, backing up your data is important, and your financial information and processes are likely to be among the most critical.

While you may be tempted to simply use your regular computer backup service/system to perform a full backup, this may not be as comprehensive as the backup services provided by QuickBooks.

There’s no avoiding the fact that QuickBooks provides its users with the best features available for streamlining their daily business tasks. In addition, it has installed all available safeguards to keep your data secure.

Furthermore, QuickBooks offers an automatic backup option to protect your critical accounting data. It is a data backup feature that regularly backs up your important QuickBooks files. You can use the functionality to schedule the backup so that QuickBooks will automatically back up your data even if you forget to do so. The simplest way to ensure the safety of your QuickBooks data is to schedule an automatic backup.

Some Causes of “Quickbooks Automatic Backup Not Working” Error

  • QuickBooks is configured to work with a different version of Windows.
    For example, suppose you have Windows 10 and QuickBooks is set up for Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
  • Incorrectly configured scheduled backups in QuickBooks.
  • One of the reasons automatic backup stops working is due to the outdated QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Errors in scheduling automatic backups in QuickBooks are also caused by damage to the QuickBooks company file.

Requirements Before Resolving Automatic Backup Not Working Error

Before backing up your QuickBooks data file, consider the following:

  • Smaller the file name: If the name of your company file exceeds 65 characters, you may fail to back up it. The same thing can happen if the file name contains a lot of spaces, underscores, and special characters.
  • Fix file size: If you attempt to back up a QuickBooks file that is larger than 3 GIG, you may catch the QuickBooks automatic backup not working issue.
  • Invalid Drive or Poor Access Rights: Nothing will hinder a QuickBooks Backup faster than attempting to transfer it to an external drive or flash drive, or into a directory where not only you but also the QuickBooks Database Server, lack the necessary Windows access.
  • QuickBooks Hosting Conflict: If the hosting is enabled for a multi-user set up then sometimes it shows the such type of conflict. If you want to run the scheduled backup then you have to find a local host for this process.
  • Conflict in Preference Setting: Another cause of QuickBooks’ automatic backups failing or scheduled backups not working is the use of the “Keep QuickBooks running for quick startups” feature. While QuickBooks continues to create the backup until the very end, it never completes it. In these cases, an a.tmp file is usually created in the QuickBooks directory containing your file.

After you’ve finished checking these items, you can try planning a backup again.

Scheduled Automatic backups failed?

Have you ever scheduled an automatic backup and failed? This is a common problem that many QuickBooks users may be experiencing recently. Scheduling an automatic backup is one of the most effective and convenient ways to protect data from loss. In this specific QuickBooks process, you can schedule the backup, such as what time or date you want to take the data backup. Unfortunately, the service did not always work, which can be terrible.

Despite the significance of scheduled backups, we created this module to provide a detailed analysis of the scheduled backup not working issue in QuickBooks, as well as the steps that can be taken to successfully resolve the error.

How this can be done to resolve the QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working Error?

Even the scheduled backup not working problem is easily resolved. The following are a few of the best strategies for dealing with the problem without further time limits.

1. In QueekBooks, check the Scheduled mechanical backup setting.

  • Begin by opening QuickBooks and going to the File menu, where you must choose save copy or backup. This will activate the workflow. 
  • Select backup copy and press the next button. 
  • If you haven’t already, we recommend clicking on options to set backup defaults and then clicking on the next tab. 
  • It is rarely recommended to change locations or use the location of one’s choice. Click on the next tab once more. 
  • Then, on the next tab, you must select either save it now and schedule future backups or only schedule future backups. 

Finally, use the option to save a backup copy automatically when closing my company files every time. Also, enter the number in the number field and click the Finish button.

2. Use the rebuild data utility and QueekBooks verification.

  • You must open the QuickBooks software during this process. Navigate to the File tab and then to the utility tab. Now, select the option to verify data.
  • Continue by selecting the option that states QuickBooks scan all company files and data for damage. 
  • Following that, you may receive a pop-up stating that your data has lost integrity. Close the message and return to the file tab. 
  • Select the backup company data popup window and create a backup of the data on the desktop before clicking the OK tab. 
  • The tool will fix the damage to the company file.
  • After you see the message that the rebuild has been completed, you must click the OK button and try to schedule the automatic backups.

3. In the Windows version, run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode.

  • In this step, open the system and right-click the QuickBooks icon on the desktop, then select the properties tab. 
  • You must view the compatibility tab and check the option to run this program in compatibility mode.
  • Select the Windows version from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click the Apply and OK buttons. 
  • Check to see whether the problem has been resolved.

4. Update QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version.

  • Begin by going to the help menu and selecting the update QuickBooks tab. 
  • Then go to the Update Now tab. To clear the previous update downloads, select the reset update checkbox. 
  • To begin the download, select Get Updates.
  • QuickBooks Accounting Software should be restarted. 
  • Then, when prompted, select the option to install new releases.

QuickBooks Automatic Backup Errors [SOLVED]

QuickBooks automatic backup is a data backup function that regularly backs up critical QuickBooks files. Using the functionality, you can schedule the backup so that QuickBooks will automatically back up the data even if you forget to do so. Creating a robotic backup is a simple way to ensure the safety of your QuickBooks data. However, the scheduled backup function, like other functions that empower QuickBooks, encounters errors.

Sum Up

We hope this blog helps you to resolve all your issues, and queries for QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working. So we hope that now your ‘QuickBooks Automatic Backup Not Working Error’ problem is solved after reading and following the instructions provided in the article.

We attempted to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible. However, if you continue to face difficulties, you can always contact the team of experts via chat session or feel free to contact them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the main reason for failing QuickBooks Backup?
The primary cause of this error is the inaccessibility of the storage device that holds the backup file. Setting up the incorrect backup path can occasionally result in the user receiving a QuickBooks backup failed error.

Where is the QuickBooks backup file located?
The location of the QuickBooks backup file is: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

Is QuickBooks backup online?
Yes, QuickBooks Online Backup is an Internet-based service that allows you to back up your important files immediately to secure, remote locations. With internet access, you can easily recover your data from any computer.

What is QuickBooks Online?
QuickBooks Online is cloud-based financial management software. It’s designed to slash the time you spend managing your business finances, by helping you with tasks such as:

Creating estimates and invoices
Tracking sales and cash flow
Managing your customers and suppliers
Monitoring your tax and making tax return much easier
Understanding your company’s performance
Planning ahead and budgeting

Being a true cloud solution, there’s no need to install any software. You access QuickBooks Online straight from your internet browser on any computer or web-enabled device whenever. 

  • Am I entitled to software updates/upgrades and how do I upgrade?
    Yes. One of the many benefits of cloud-based software is that you’re always on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and won’t affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you’ll see a message when you log in.

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